Data Recovery : How To Safe Your Data With Backup Tools

With cloud backup tools also known as online backup services, your important Data Recovery is securely taken and stored in a reliable data center. When you backup your data using cloud backups you can rest assured that you can access them anytime anywhere and for a long time. Below is a list of well and thoroughly reviewed cloud backup services. Take your time, read and compare the quality and pricing of the backup services below, you may get one that really works for you! 


This is probably one of the best backup tools ever! It boasts of having restored over 20 billion files which would have otherwise been lost and backing up over 200 million GB of Data Recovery for PC and Mac laptops and desktops. With Black blaze Data Recovery backup there are no file size limits, you can backup as much data as you please. Everything about Black blaze is simple; from the pricing to the software. Black blaze offers you online backups that are reliable, flexible at a reasonable price. 

Data Recovery

It only costs per month, and the cost can reduce to as low as per month with a two year purchase plan and still allow an unlimited Data Recovery storage. The best part is that it can help locate a lost or stolen computer so you don’t have to worry about losing your device! 


This is another amazing online backup tool of all time. It has an excellent interface; it has web-based restore option. Crashplan, has a high level of Data Recovery also protection with a 448-bit encryption and continuously protects your important files and backs them up throughout uninterrupted. Crashplan is affordable to all and costs just per month on one computer with unlimited storage, for up to ten computers that share an account it only costs per month. This is proven excellent backup software with cost effective plans and highly secure. 


This is a highly rated online Hard Drive Data Recovery backup plan due to its unique features, like there are cloud options in the software weather you bought the cloud service or not and it runs a lot of backup processes all at ago. It offers one of the friendliest back up plans for all consumers and ensures to meet all consumer backup needs efficiently. This software offers a wide range of backup options such as file and folder backup and the entire disk You can get a free 30 day trial of this backup software and if you like it you are charged for one computer. Though this software is designed for windows 10 it can run efficiently on other versions of window. 


This is another reliable back up program . Carbonite makes the recovery process simple since it can recover files from any location to any computer with just a click. If files have been deleted Carbonite stores them for up to one month just in case you need them back. It offers unlimited protection of your files. Carbonite’s easy deployment makes it easy to install and manage your backup options through its user friendly dashboard. The files are accessible to the user anytime anywhere using the web-based options. 

5. IDrive :

This backup plan lets you manage your and protect your digital files on your own terms. Your files are stored indefinitely hence protecting you from digital disasters and even after deleting your files I Drive still stores them for over a month. It has an easy and fast file restoration speed of around 4 mbps which makes it faster than its other counterpart’s .It has a unique feature called the I Drive rewind which dials back any file to a previous version. It only costs annually, which is a reasonable price considering, its unique quality.