Successful Data Recovery From USB Flash Drive

Often, our customers ask us the question to know if we are able to recover the Data Recovery from their USB key? This is a trick question, because whatever the answer, it will be wrong. Because the possibility of data recovery in general is not binary, either yes or no. Indeed, the success of Data Recovery on a USB key depends on several parameters:

  1. The recoverability of the USB key.
  2. Technician skills.
  3. Resources dedicated to data recovery.

USB Drive Recoverability :

This is a decisive factor for successful USB flash drive data recovery. If the USB key is not recoverable, absolutely nothing can be done, while for the other two factors there are solutions. So the right question is: knowing that the technician is sufficiently competent and he has all the means of data recovery on earth, would there be cases of irrecoverable USB key? The answer is obviously YES. Here are some cases of impossible data recovery on USB flash drive:

  • Low-level formatted USB flash drive.
  • USB drive encryption and password loss.
  • Physical destruction of the memory chip.
  • Unable to emulate controller
  • Very high rate of memory chip read errors.
Data Recovery

Technician skills :

This parameter is very subjective and varies from one practitioner to another. Perhaps the technician does not want to deal with complex cases, and he prefers to choose! Perhaps he is under pressure not to devote the necessary time to a complicated case. Also, maybe he doesn’t have enough brainpower to properly handle a broken USB stick. 

Finally, maybe he’s not a real technician with enough skills and experience. In order to thwart the negative factor in the success of Linkedin data recovery on a USB key, it is enough to inquire before entrusting the USB key.

USB Drive Data Recovery Ways :

The powerful means are a very important factor in the success of data recovery. As a user, it is almost impossible to assess the performance of the means and the skill of the operating technician. Only he knows if his means of data recovery have enough possibilities for a specific case. A deep and technical discussion could help assess this point.